The race organized by Banfata Brothers & Co takes its name from the road
in which it takes place:
the one from the Tower of Gattinara, the steepest one that can be found
in our cheerful (not that much) town.
The rules? Only a few and very simple (among all the absolute lack of brakes!)
If your dream is to hurt yourselves while laughing, you just found the right place and people.



Tower Race, two words that today to the most reminds ot fhe crazy race on little cars
(moreover jolting ones) without brakes down on the steep road the takes to the Tower of the Castelle, one of the symbols of Gattinara.
Many are the legends concerning the birth of such an event, but now you will finally know the truth!
The unleashing spark happened on May 1994.
One night Pilo and Gaio, the elders of the company and then young fellows, found an abandoned tricycle.
The mind link trycicle/road to the tower was immediate.
During the first descent the trycicle under the weight of Pilo disintegrated putting an end to a night imagined with the blowing wind on the face and the bllod at the knees.
Ten long years had to go by, until Pilo found fertile ground for his crazy ideas.
The new generation was psycologically ready for such an enterprice. So much ready to think to tape the event:"What's good in hurting yourself if you cannot show that to everybody?"
The first race was a success, but showed a big lack of thecnical skills.
After many analysis of the race videos, we found that in order to finish the race it was necessary to have the more wheels as possible.
As a consequence, we had a period of fanatical search of wheels.
But soon we realized that even with more wheels the cars kept breaking anyway, so we started to usa different solutions:
from just going down and don't care for what happens, to asking for help to parents/friends/partens' friends/friend's parents for technical
support to the extremely effective use of countless nails and scotch to keep the car together (Fede).
The videos started to spread and the number of the pilots kept growing, and we continued to illegally block the road.
People in the important palaces (townhall) knew, but hushed up everything........damn conspiracy of silence!
Until when, probably afraid of so much cheek, they gave us the permission to realize an Official Tower race.
And this is only the beginning...





Example of not regular car
1)Every person must take responsability for doing the race by signing before the race starts

2)People under 18 years are not allowed to do the race

3)The car going down must respect the followings features:
-max lenght 110 cm (140 cm if two-seater car)
-max width 80 cm
-max weight 17 kg (19 Kg if who-seater car)
-at least 3 wheels
-max diameter of the wheels 37 cm
-if there are spokes of the wheels, they have to be covered with wood or something else to prevent people from getting injured by putting fingers or something else in there
-absolutely forbidden every kind of brakes (except for hands and feet)
-the car must be safe for all the pilots, it must not have dangerous blades, spikes, nails or other metal dungerous stuffs
-the car must not have any engine or pedals
-the car should mirror the character the pilot is going to represent
-the car can be used by two pilots together, but it must follows the previous rules for two-seated cars.
Il giorno della gara verrà valutato ogni singolo mezzo per l’ammissione alla stessa The day of the race every car will be checked for the admittance to the race.

4)The race goes from the water main supply (start),till Crosa area (end)

5)The starting positions will be decided considering size, shape and weight of the car

6)Every pilot must have: crash-helmet,gloves,long pants and shirt with long sleeves
(recommended protections for elbows, knees, wrists).

7)Care for the crazy attitude of the event:every pilot should think of a character and dress
properly,caring if possible for the physical aspect of the car.

8)the day of the race every pilot must move his car by foot to the water main supply,it won't be
possible to use the car to move up there.

9)If a crash happens during the race,and the car cannot be used anymore,it must be left where it is and
the pilot must run to the nearest safe place

10)After the race, every pilot must pick up the broken pieces of its car

11)The number of races will be decided depending on the number of the pilots

12)Jokes to disract other pilots are allowed (of course with common sense)

13)The organizers have the right to decide starting positions,number of pilots in every race and
to not admit pilots if they don't observe the rules listed before