December 2001.
Common videogame passions lead Pilo and his fiance Pamela to meet
a group of boys in which the competition and the boastfulness ruled.
It is here, in Marcello's and Federico's house, used as official centre,
that the Banfata Brothers' group began to take shape.
With Pilo e Pamy, Marcello, Federico, Dario, Gibi and Rena,
and later with the entry of Gaio ( since than considered an imaginary friend of Pilo),
Longo, Longhino and Enrico.
At the beginning the name "Banfata Brothers" was used to identify the brothers Maci and Fede,
who had mastered the ars banfosa; then, because of the bonds of brotherhood among the group of friends,
it was decided to use for the whole group the impressive name of "Banfata Brothers".
Of course as time passed and idiocy increased,
other stupids showed their skills deserving to enter in the exclusive group of us brothers.
These rookies of stupidity are Alby, Yukai, Diana, Elisa, Paolo and Thomas.
Last, but not the least, we should remember also a honoris causa member,
that is Mother Banfata, who we will always thank for the stoicism with which she stands the gradual destruction of her house.
Cheers for us!

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