In this page it is possible to download the videos of some of our crazy entertainments.
As usual, click on the image with the right button of the mouse/save object with name/and download!Enjoy

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Who starts well...
since the youngest age we have shown a strong tendency to hurt ourselves...
dimensions=8,93 MB
file format=DivX
Bad falls in the garden
A garden is enough to get injured
dimensions=3,34 MB
file format=DivX
The two Fede
Fede doing experiments that might be useful for our movies...
dimensions=1,25 MB
file format=DivX
The prison break
One day we didn't know what to do
dimensions=8,16 MB
file format=DivX
Italian language (without subtitles)
This hurts!
What might happen if you boxe in a kitchen.With high volume is even better :)
dimensions=1,36 MB
file format=DivX
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